Human Resources


Patients choose a particular office because they like the provider.  They choose to leave because they don’t like the staff. You must have the right team in place, and they must be happy if you are going to keep your patients satisfied.  As your medical billing company, we have a lot of interaction with your team and are in a unique position to work with you and your office manager on HR concerns.


Strong Leadership

A strong office manager brings forth the best performance possible from every staff member.  They ensure the right accountability, routines and communication are in place so everyone knows their role in the organization and how their work impacts the greater practice.


  • We work closely with your office manager to give them leadership tools that help ensure your team is constantly giving their best efforts aimed at helping you meet your practice goals.


Having the Right Staff in Place

It starts with hiring.  Are you screening for the right qualities? It isn’t just about knowledge and job skills.


  • We help you by implementing a screening process and key question interview guides that help make sure you hire the right people. We then work with your office manager to determine an appropriate training schedule and provide a review at the end of their first 90 days.


Some people are problem performers.  Do you have people in your office who are not doing a good job or who bring their personal problems to work with them?  Do you have people who aren’t really team players or are inconsistent?


  • We help you identify those people who need to improve performance and provide them with the specific feedback and training to make them successful.  If that doesn’t work, and sometimes it doesn’t, we help guide the conversation for termination.


Keeping Your Staff Happy

They need to know what is expected.  Do you have clear office policies? Does your staff know what their job does and doesn’t include?  Do they know what your practice goals are and how they fit into them? Sure, everyone will say the thing they want most is more money, but clear expectations go a long way toward making people happier throughout the work day.


  • We work with you to get your office policies written down, define your practice goals and create clear job descriptions and expectations for all roles.


They need to know how they are doing. Does your team know when they are doing a good job? How are they told when they are not doing a good job?


  • We work with you and your office manager to implement a formal annual performance review process.  We also work with your office manager to provide appropriate feedback and recognition for a job well done.


They need to have a voice. Do you know what your staff likes best about the work they do?  Do you know what they don’t like or what they are struggling with? Do they feel appreciated? Do they get good communication? What is it like for them working with the rest of the staff that is their peers?


  • Through employee surveys and interviews, we learn what your team likes and doesn’t like about the office environment and develop smart strategies to make sure you provide the best workplace possible for your team.