Patient Relations and Communication


Do you know why patients choose your office?  When a patient changes providers, do you know what led them to do so? Do you know how you are getting your new patients and do you have a strategy to ensure that pipeline continues? Do you have a social media presence? Do you need one?


Patient Insights

  • We conduct patient surveys and let you know what your patients love about your office, and what you can improve.

  • We develop and help you implement a service improvement plan that addresses patient concerns.

  • We provide in-depth service training for all areas of your office, tailored to your specific goals and office guidelines.

  • As your medical billing company, we act as an extension of your team and offer excellent patient service when sending statements and answering patient questions about billing.


Public Relations

  • We evaluate how you communicate to your patients and provide recommendations to improve communication.

  • We create and help implement a public relations strategy aimed at growth and targeting the types of patients you want to see if your office.