Ask the Right Questions in Interviews

When you have an open position at your office, it can be a stressful time. Everyone on your team suddenly has more work and you probably are feeling a lot of pressure to fill the job.

Having the wrong person in a postition can be just as stressful, though. Dealing with a problem performer or someone who lacks the capability to do the job can be even harder than having an open position.

Avoid hiring the wrong person by looking for some key qualities in a candidate. If you only look for job knowledge or focus on experience, you will not find the person best suited for your office, and soon you could be dealing with a stressful problem performer concern.

In addition to basic job skills, I always look for three key characteristics.

Accountability: Everyone on your team needs to be able to admit when they have made a mistake or when they need help completing a task.

Service: Patients are customers and you need someone who will go above and beyond to help out patients with their requests and who will look for creative solutions to problems.

Conflict Resolution: Everything isn’t perfect all the time. How someone reacts when a new policy is implemented or when they disagree with a coworker impacts everyone in your office.

Take time in your interview to ask situational questions that cover these character traits – you will be surprised by what candidates will share with you.

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