Annual Staff Reviews to Improve Performance, Engagement and Leadership

Does your office give annual employee reviews? Most small offices don’t. They are time consuming and difficult to put together. If you have an office manager, they can also be difficult to coordinate.

You should be doing them, though. People really want to know how they are doing in their jobs and a review is a great time to assess performance.

Here are a few guidelines I suggest if you decide to roll out an annual review process.

  • None of the feedback given in the review should be a surprise. If you want to do annual reviews and realize that it will be the first time a lot of people are hearing this feedback, hold off on the review. Get over whatever has been holding you back from saying something before, say it, and then let them work on it. Maybe consider rolling out your annual review process a couple of months after you have had these conversations.

  • Have everyone do a self review before you do their review. Getting them to do a self review will be extremely helpful to you – it will help you know how they see themselves, it will tell you if they have heard your feedback in the past, and the examples they give of their past performance will remind you of things you may have forgotten but that they are clearly very proud of.

  • Make sure you are truly reviewing the entire year. It can be easy to focus on the last 30 or 60 days, but really think about the entire year in review so you can be fair and consistent.

I know it can be tough, but reviews are great for getting improved performance for your staff. They are also a great engagement tool and can provide feedback on your own leadership as you learn what messages your staff is retaining from your feedback conversations.

Need help or have questions? Shoot me an email ( and I would be happy to send over an example or help you through any struggles you have!

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