When You Say Nothing at All

Your team reads you every move. They notice when you don’t smile at them. Thy worry when you don’t ask how their weekend was. They get upset when you don’t say good morning.

As the leader of the office, they are looking to you for recognition and validation. “Good morning” may not seem like it can provide that, but it can.

I was in an office this morning and happened to be there when the doctor walked in for the day. She went straight to her office and other things were already on her mind. I overheard an MA call the front desk and say “We need to make sure there are no patients waiting in the waiting room too long. She is already upset.”

It seems crazy, but that is the reality. And that may not seem like a big deal, but it causes stress for your team, may make them unhappy at work and isn’t going to be the best for patient care and satisfaction.

So, here is your quick reminder. Smile, say good morning and ask about weekend plans/vacations/etc. Simple gestures go a long way and when you are upset because someone took your parking space or the elevator was super slow this morning, you may not feel like smiling. Do it anyway.

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