Two Weeks' Notice

I'm reading my husband's favorite leadership book, Good to Great by Jim Collins. It is especially useful for someone like me - I want to be the absolute best in the world at making pediatric practices highly profitable. But more on that another time. . .

One question that came up in the chapter about building your team is one that I think is highly relevant to everyone who is a leader and every physician and practice manager I work with.

If someone in your office were to quit, would you be relieved?

If the answer is yes, you need to take action. Failing to take action isn't only difficult for you, it is also taxing on the rest of your team. They recognize poor performance and have to work that much harder to overcome any weakness in the office.

Ask yourself the question above about each person in your office. If there is someone who makes you answer "yes", read my previous post about dealing with problem performers, Part ONE and Part TWO.

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