Regulatory Compliance


How would your office do in an audit? Can you demonstrate that all employees have completed the required training? Do you have the required paperwork posted for patients and staff? Are your computers and EMR safe? If you currently have a medical billing company doing your billing, are they HIPAA compliance? How do you know?


Small offices without a dedicated training staff often fail to complete proper training and maintain proper records.  With our training programs and ongoing support, we help make sure you and your staff are prepared.  Once everyone is trained, we maintain the paperwork in your office, ensure newly hired staff get the required training and complete annual updates as required.


Training Programs Include:


  • Hipaa Requirements: annual training, new-hire training, privacy policy requirements, ongoing audits.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens: annual training and exposure control plan.

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Annual training, ensure proper materials are on hand in appropriate places, audit staff use.

  • Chemical Hazard communication: Written chemical program, maintain federally required Material Safety Data Sheets.

  • Fraud, Waste, Abuse: annual required training for offices accepting Medicare and/or Medicaid.